API-12F Tanks are available in standard barrel capacities ranging from 90 to 750 barrels. Special tank sizes and/or bottom modifications are available. Strict quality control assures that each tank is manufactured with A-36 (commercial quality) 3/16 and 1/4 inch steel. Tanks are interior and exterior welded to API specifications and pressure tested.
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The well stream enters the treater in the top gas separation section and strikes the inlet deflector. Centrifugal action, reduced velocity and retention time combine to allow gas to separate from the liquid and flow upward through the mist extractor to the gas outlet.
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Production enters the inlet flume section at the top of the tank. Solution gas is vented from the top of the flume or equalized to storage. The oil and water travels downward through a down corner pipe and is dispersed by a spreader plate. Free water remains in the lower section and the oil retention time allows entrained water to settle out and be discharged through the drain or siphon. Clean oil at the top spills over the oil outlet and flows to storage.
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Our walkways and starways are available as complete units for specific applications or as individual parts. They are constructed of all steel material and are available painted or galvanized. The bridge and/or bracing method insures rigid and durable structures. The flanged walkway panels and stairway treads are punched by blister type dies, which provide a safe non-skid walking surface. All joints in the handrails and access openings are carefully protected with smooth flanged gussets. Walkways and stairways are built to API specifications and are OSHA compliant.
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We operate several knuckle-boom Crane trucks as well as a larger 50-ton truck Crane. We primarily utilize this equipment to set our own manufactured equipment but frequently send out Cranes to assist our customers when they have a crane application. Our 50 ton crane truck is equipped with 105 foot stick which gives it a broad operating reach.
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